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Unemployment Rate Is Increasing in Malaysia

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Essay Preview: Unemployment Rate Is Increasing in Malaysia

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1.0 Research Proposal        2

1.1 Background of the Study        2

1.2 Problem Statement        3

1.3 Purpose of the Research        3

1.4 Research Questions        3

1.5 Research Objectives        3

1.6 Significance of the Study        4

1.7 Scope        4

1.8 Limitations        4

2.0 Literature Review        6

2.1 Introduction        6

2.2 Career Development        6

2.3 Types of Career Development        6

2.3.1 Oral and Written Communication Skill        6

2.3.2 Problem-Solving Skill        7

2.3.3 Decision-Making Skill        7

2.4 Unemployment Rate        7

2.5 Current Situation of Unemployment Rate in Malaysia        7

2.6 The Relationship between Career Development and Unemployment Rate        8

References        9

Title: Unemployment Rate is increasing in Malaysia

Sub-title: Effectiveness of Career Development Course on Graduates Employment

1.0 Research Proposal

1.1 Background of the Study

Career development is an on-going process of learning, working and also managing life which involve the entire lifetime of a person. It helps a person to make a better planning of life path including their working values, career choices, lifestyles, education level and so on. It will make the person to be the expert within the range of his ability in the chosen area. The fundamental of offering the career development to the graduates is to help them to understand themselves more clearly and able to clarify their career direction and goals. Other than that, it also helps graduates to be aware of the skills they lack of and enable them to search for the ways to improve such skills. Besides, it can make the graduates to be more confident and motivated (Miller & Liciardi, 2003).

There will be serious impacts if the graduates do not attend any career development during their collegial period, which will turns out that they will not be able to identify the skills they lack of until they start working for the companies. One of the relevant issues is that when graduates are looking for their desired job, they may not meet the employers’ expectations. For instance, the lack of communication skill will make the graduates suffer at the beginning when they join the society.

In the previous research, the researcher studied on how effective is the career development course resulted in students’ job search skills. The career development course was organised to introduce the graduates to an extensive job search process which involves writing résumé and cover letters, developing effective interview, communicating with recruiters, negotiating reasonable salaries, and other fields that are vital to a career search (Lauren, W & Karen, Z 2015).

It is vital to study on this topic as we need to point out the positive outcomes after the graduates attend the career development course in order to emphasize the importance of offering career development course to the students during their collegial period.

1.2 Problem Statement

        Nowadays, the graduates are commonly facing the same situation where the unemployment rate in Malaysia keeps increasing. In this circumstance, the availability of career development course helps a lot in improving the graduates themselves in order to meet the employers’ expectation toward recruiters. Career development does help graduates to build a stronger perception and possess some skills needed in working environment. There are theoretical approach states that career problem solving and decision making are skills that can be learned and practiced (Sampson et al., 2004). The statement clearly showed that lacking some skills is not the end of the world, where it can be learned and practiced through attending career development course. Therefore, this research is conducted to study on the importance of attending career development course for the graduates.

1.3 Purpose of the Research

        The main purpose of conducting this research is to help the graduates realise how effective it is to attend career development courses. Once the graduates understand the effectiveness, they will be willing to attend the courses and eventually decrease the unemployment rate among the graduates in Malaysia. The research states that how career development would help the graduates in their future career path by improving the skills they are lacking and building their confidence. The graduates will then be able to understand the standard expectation of the employers. This would help them to be well-prepared before entering the workplace.

1.4 Research Questions

To have a better understanding of the topic, several research questions are proposed:

  • What are the perceptions of graduates about the career development?
  • What are the attitudes of graduates towards attending career development courses?
  • Do graduates attend any sort of career development courses during their collegial period?

1.5 Research Objectives

The objectives of this research are:

  • To determine the graduates’ perceptions about the career development whether it is positive or negative.
  • To analyse the graduates’ willingness to attend the career development courses.
  • To identify the frequency of graduates’ attendance of career development courses.

1.6 Significance of the Study

This study will be able to spread the importance of career development among the graduates, making them understand that how it will affect their future career in a positive way. Once the graduates realise the impacts that will come to them after the career development courses, they will display great initiative in attending the courses. With the enhancement of the skills the graduates are lacking, they will be able to deal with the challenges ahead confidently. Eventually, the unemployment rate among the graduates in Malaysia will be decreased.



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