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Underage Access To Pornography

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Essay Preview: Underage Access To Pornography

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Recently, with the introduction of new technology and further advancements in various fields, the security and privacy issues have been getting sidelined. In this new era, children are being more and more exposed to things that are not suitable for them. Underage access to pornographic sites has become more prevalent today, which has created numerous amounts of complications that need to be addressed. Once they have been addressed, ways to fix these complications such as new technology that can help reduce this social problem from our society need to be discussed as well.

Since the start of the Internet era, pornographic sites have been a huge success. Almost 50% of all the Internet sites contain porn and billions of dollars are being poured into this industry. Among adults this new technology has been really popular because of the anonymity it gives to the users. Before the Internet era, the porn videos used to be found only in local stores. This prevented many consumers from buying the product because of personal image it would bring out among the community members. Today one can access pornography anytime and anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection. This technology has been a huge success, even though it creates many problems for parents who want to protect their kids from these sites.

According to studies, children are more computer literate than their parents. This can cause many problems when there are uncensored sites on the Internet available by just a click of the mouse. Parents are worried about the effects these sites will have on their children if they get exposed to porn sites. According to parents, their children come upon those websites by mistake, but the graphic nature of these sites has made parents realize how insecure and vulnerable their children are on the while on the web. These sites are not just unacceptable but also have adverse effects on the psychology of the children.

Recent studies have shown that pornography has a negatively impacts and corrupts children, when they are exposed to it at an early age. According to Peter Stock, the writer of document title "The Harmful Effects on Children of Exposure to Pornography," children who are exposed to pornography has disrupted sexual development and it degrades the respect for women in their eyes. Researchers also believe children can have violent and twisted views about sexuality in their minds and can remain with them throughout their whole lives. Early exposure to pornography by children can result in drug abuse, early pregnancy, alcohol abuse, and relationship problems. According to the U.S. Justice Department, 9 out of 10 school children are exposed to pornographic sites while they are doing their homework. How are parents protecting their kids from these terrible sites and how successful are they? That still remains the question.

Most parents are trying the new filter technology to stop their kids from finding porn on the web. This filter technology filters most of the porn sites, but it is still not completely effective. Some of the pornographic sites have been programmed to avoid these filters and become invisible to pop up blockers and filter agents. A parent once said



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