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Essay Preview: Uncertainty

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Sometimes in our lives, we are face with many decisions to make. We try to choose the best choice that will make our life better. In the short story "Eveline" by James Joyce, Eveline had a choice to choose to be with her lover, Frank and have a new life in Buenos Aires or stay with her father and live the same life she always been in. Even though she was not very happy in her present position, her father was cruel, and she had someone who she loved that will take her far away to start a new life, she chooses to stay with what she knew. Sometimes, it is just easier to stay with what you are already familiar with than the unknown.

Eveline's present life situation was not so terrible. She worked at a store with Miss Gavan as a sales clerk and her wages were seven shillings. Life was not so bad for her. She had food and shelter over her. She had people who knew her all her life. Some of those people she liked and they liked her.

Her father was a drunk. He drank constantly and took the money she made from work. Her father expected her to buy food and take care of her siblings. Even though her father was a horrible man, there once was a time when he loved her and treated her well. She remembered the time when her mother was still alive and the family had a picnic, her father put her mother's bonnet and made the children laugh. There was a time when her father wasn't such a horrible man. Maybe he does still love her, he just don't show it. She tried to think of all the good memories instead of the bad ones. Her father is getting older and she promised her mother in her deathbed that she will take care of the family. Her father will need someone to look after him.

Frank, her lover is a sailor. He traveled around a lot but has a home in Buenos Aires. He told her that he would take her there and she would become his wife. No one ever cared about her as Frank have. He treated her good and



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