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Two Party System

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"In politics, as on the sickbed, people toss from side to side, thinking they will be more comfortable." These words by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe help to explain the reason for diversity in American government. Our society holds many assorted views in various governmental sects. . Most citizens change their mind often as they find their ideas about politics through personal gain, political knowledge and guidance by our political leaders.

People often agree with politics that will benefit them personally. Taxpayers will favor lower taxes. The elderly are more likely to support a raise in Social Security, while the younger generations worrier about the stability of retirement programs. Likewise, Africans Americans are more willing to vote on affirmative action programs. When one is faced with a bill that does not affect them directly he or she has difficulty forming an opinion.

Political knowledge has a great impact on how our government is structured. Citizens find knowledge and impose their views and values with that knowledge. Showing us the direction on which way our policys will go. Voters aware of issues will vote along those certain lines. The elections of George Bush and John Kerry was a very close race showing how opinions of our country deviate.

Political leaders are often in a position to mold public opinion. The leaders can use mass media in order to shift the opinions of citizens on issues one way or another. The president often travels all over the country to expand their views and gain support for administration purposes. This influence most Americans because many do not strong conventions to the current issues at hand.

Politics exists because of the broad spectrum of ideas and opinions within any society. Humans will change their mind on a daily basis as their lives change. Politics gives a diversity of view, if not about ones ultimate aims, at least



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