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Two Fishermen

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"Two Fishermen" by author Morley Callaghan is a story about learning life lessons but of course that is only from my point of view on it. Michael Foster, a young reporter working in a small town, dreams of one day writing for one of the larger city newspapers. He's put to a test when coming upon the hanging of a man named Thomas Delaney, who had murdered an older man out of revenge for the raping of his wife.

Michael Foster was in search for answers to his story when encountering Mr. K Smith, the hangman for the upcoming Thomas Delaney hanging. Michael had looked around for Mr. K Smith, or as he likes to be called, Smitty. Michael convinced Smitty to let him come aboard his fishing and of course Smitty was more than happy allowing him to come. The two fisherman hadn't came across any fish that afternoon that lead into the evening, however they did become mutual on friendship bases having talked for a few precious hours. They discussed typical things leading up to their conversation about the hanging. Smitty, knowing Michael was a reporter, had an uncomfortable feeling chatting about it, which lead to an awkward stage of silence.

When the two came back to the shore, Michael didn't want to be seen walking back to town with Mr. K Smith, for his own personal reasons of course, so he headed back in alone, leaving Smitty all by his lonesome. When it came to the day of the hanging, Michael was there and when encountered by Smitty, he found himself in a bit of a situation. Should he have stood up for this man when the crowd wasn't pleased with him? Or should he go with the flow, and fit in with the crowd's doings? Michael chose neither, he left the people, his some what new friend and he fled the crowd totally.



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