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Two Employees of Chrysalis Pharmaceuticals

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Essay Preview: Two Employees of Chrysalis Pharmaceuticals

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                                                                        RAMESH AND GARGI

Situation Analysis:

The case revolves around two employees of Chrysalis Pharmaceuticals, Ramesh Sharma, head of Learning & Development and Gargi Sinha who joins the L&D department and will handle the CSR project for the company.

Ramesh was handpicked by the CEO, Raman Murthy and Kamla. Vice president HR. Ramesh had partnered with Kamla on various training and career planning of new hires and putting sound HR policies and practices for the company as they were the only third and fifth employees of the company, and the company has growing ever since expanding their business all over the country. But the last six months have been very discomforting for Ramesh since the joining of Gargi Sinha. He was taken aback by the joining of Gargi because according to him neither he was informed about it nor he needed an extra member in the team.

Kamla told her to devote her time in 60:40 for CSR and L&D respectively. Gargi became very popular among the office people in a short span of time due to her ebullient personality and openness which somehow made Ramesh insecure about his role in the team. When Gargi came up with a plan to setup a virtual women forum on the company intranet instead of appreciating the initiative he explained about the company’s culture about teamwork and peer discussion.

 Gargi was hardworking and focused with her responsibilities and was independently able to handle complex tasks. Since CSR was a new initiative she directly reported to Kamla and Vikram for her 60% role and remaining 40% to Ramesh.

Due to her busy schedule Gargi was she was sometimes unable for regular L&D activities and had once refused to coordinate an event that he had organized for senior management on strategic planning resoning that it was not her role but on the contrary she was able to gather support for her projects which made Ramesh more insecure about his role. He was also not happy about Gargi missing team meetings which was not acceptable to Ramesh. According to him team is all about supporting team members, building on each others ideas and culture of mutual respect. He was worried about the impact Gargi may be having on other team members.

He tried to bring all these issues to Kamla but she was all praise and appreciation about Gargi, about her dedication and hardwork and new projects she has brought under the CSR.

All these incidents made Ramesh question his authority and role in the company despite giving so many years to the company and decides to resign from the company.

Problem Statement:

What course of action Kamla can take regarding the resignation of Ramesh and to build a better


As it is evidently clear that Ramesh is not feeling emotionally stable and feeling insecure about his role and authority in the team and the company. He feels that he is not valued in the company and is no longer needed in the company. Instead Kamla should talk to Ramesh about his problem regarding working with Gargi and try to make him understand that he is invaluable for the company and an important asset for the company. She should tell him that company has different role and responsibility for her and he will still lead the L&D department as per his method. This will give Ramesh an emotional support and will clear his insecurity about his role.



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