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Try to Be a Good Person

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Rodin Ivan C. Brago                                                                Sir. Raymond Llagas

11- HUMSS 3

Try To Be a Good Person

                I experience in my life is that I did so many bad deed to other people especially in my parents and friends, by disrespecting and saying them some bad words sometimes bad deeds. Also in going to church mostly I don’t listen to the words of God, and sometimes I just go to church because it is required in my school. Even I know that drinking alcohol is bad in my health sometimes I still drinking it when I have problems in my life because I think when I drink it all my problems is going to disappear. Sometimes I lie even I knew that lying is bad mostly I am being tired in household chores even in my assignments and projects.

                The things that I did in order to correct my wrong deeds, is that you should always pray to God and trust Him. And when you pray you also should have an action. I am lucky that I have a teacher like Sir. Raymond because if he is not there I think that I still doing bad deeds or habits in my life. He teaches us the Ten Commandment of God, and he explains each commandment very well. Because of that I try to be a good person even it is tough for me to do it. I try to go church every Sunday so that I can make up in my wrong deeds in church. Even there are so many temptations, I always try not to be tempted.

                I learn so many things in all my wrong deeds and said to my parents, friends and to other people. Like that I should pray every day and seriously when I’m talking to God, also I should go to church every Sunday and listen to the words of God. And I knew that drinking alcohol is not the answer to all the problems that I have, because you just make yourself into more trouble. The only way is to pray to God and make Him to help you in your problems, just trust God. We should follow the Ten Commandments of God in order to be a good person and not to be a bad person. I knew that we should trust yourself more than others sometimes other people are just a temptation for us.



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