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Try This

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There are a lot of people in my family and we all live in Tennessee. Even though most of us live in the same state we are different in a lot of ways. A lot of people wouldn't believe me if I told them that these kind of people were in my family. In my family we consist of The Goody Too Shoe's, The Wannabe's and The Down to Earth Click. These groups, pretty much have a place for everyone in my family.

First of all the goody too shoes are the most unlinked people in the family. There is always some talk about something when it comes to dealing with these people. They are always talking about what someone else is doing wrong when they are having the same problem even worse. These people are so quick to judge you it's pitiful. Usually these people ride around in what they like to call the best cars, go to church every Sunday, never swears, always teach their children the right things, and are just down right perfect in their eyes. They need to wake up and smell the coffee real quick because it's time out for all the petty bull. I can't stand the goody too shoe's, even though I get along with them and still deal with them because they're family. I will always deal with family. Even though people like this make you want to lock them up any throw away the key because of their ugly attitudes you still have to love them. You don't have to have them at your dinner table every night but you do have to love them.

Next, The wannabe's are very easy to get along with. They usually want to get along wit other people because they try to be whatever that goes with the flow at that moment and time. These people will come around the family and talk about what all they have done and what they have accomplished. Don't have on anything nice like a new watch or a little thing as a new Baby Phat outfit because they would swear they had a watch that did more tricks and their outfits cost way more than your outfit. Its funny to watch them make a fool of themselves trying to be better than someone. People like this usually end up not having anything in life. Things usually don't work out because of them going about doing things the wrong way. These people are wannabe's but they're family and I love them. It can really be hard be a challenge putting up with family on a day to day basis, that's why we need to try and separate ourselves to a certain extent from the one's who



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