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True Father

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What is a real father? Does he give you everything you want? My definition of a genuine father is one that spends as much time as possible with his children, helps his children with their personal issues, and still sets rules for them. My father exemplifies all of these traits which separates him from anybody else, making him a true father.

My father is one of the busiest men that I know. How he manages to find so much quality time with his children is absolutely incomprehensible. He always makes sure to be home every night on time for dinner. Even if he has a business meeting that he must attend around dinner time, he still finds a way to make it home. For example, one night when my

father had a business meeting at six thirty, which is normally our dinner time, he arranged for our family to eat dinner at five o'clock, so that he would not even miss one family dinner night. During the weekends, when my father has time off, his main priority is not to sleep or go vacation on some paradise island but to spend time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

As someone who once majored in psychology, my father has a great understanding of people and their feelings. Whenever a family member has any problem or dilemma he or she is faced with, their first reaction to that problem is to ask our father for his words of wisdom. His suggestions are always

helpful and even if you don't listen to him, you know that he gave you that information with your best interest in mind. What amazes me even more is his patience to hear my problems and my complaints. So whether I'm not sure what to say to my best friend whom I just got in to a fight with or which course in college to take, my father is always there with love, support, and guidance.

One of the greatest characteristics that my father possesses is that he constructs consequences for misconduct and rewards for compliance. The reason this makes him a bona



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