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True Detective

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Essay Preview: True Detective

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True Detective: Afsnit 3, 4 og 5

1. Leads – a wild-goose chase?

- The yellow king is confirmed

- Carcosa carcosa is confirmed

- The ”spaghetti monster”

- The church

- Spiral symbol

Watch from scene 4:00 in part 4: Which clues are confirmed?

The yellow king


2. In part 4 Cohle tells a version about how they found Reggie Ledoux 18:13.
Later (27.35) he repeats the story… Which information do we get between the two scenes? Why is he lying?

- Because he is hiding the information so that he could use them later on to the finding of the man who killed Dora Lang. and so the cops didn’t get more information on the old case that they could use.

Why does he continue to lie 17 years after the incident? In part 5 he also withholds the information (5:21)…

-he lies because he didn’t want the cops to clear their case. They could have taken all his information and complete their case. So that’s why he keeps lying

What does it add to the story (analyze the effect) that a scene is shown as well as described when Cohle and Hart tells about it right after the incident in the wood and again 17 years later.  Watch from 8:09 and forward in part 5 to answer this…

-It makes the scene more excited for the audience and intense. It is also gives the audience a big question mark over the head, because what is now happening and is there more to the story or something else besides the things that happened in the scene etc. this is effect is also called First Person Protagonist, or in a way because it’s cohle and hart that tells their story with the scene in the background.

3. Analyze the effects used in part 5 scene 46.00-53.41 - focus on camera movements, sounds and editing.

-the first part of this scene, we see rust coming to the crime scene where the girl was killed. The camera is looking at rust from the ground also called frog perspective, then the camera switches between rust and the round circle made of sticks. After that a creepy sound comes on and the camera moves closely into the center of the circle made of sticks. When the camera comes close enough it spring way back so you can see the tree and rust in the picture. The next scene we see hart and the 2 cops speak the camera is changing between hart and the cops. The next scene we see chole using the computer. The camera zooms in on his keyboard and after on the screen where the computer says made in error when he looks into the files. The next scene we are back in the office where chole and the 2 cops are speaking one of them is getting mad and says the chole have been bullshitting them all day then the 2 cops goes out. Whne they came back the camera switches between chole and the cops really quickly and then on the pictures of chole. Then bam we are back to the office where hart and the cops are speaking. After that we see a creepy scene with some creepy music where he goes with light in a dark room.

4. Describe Cohle’s first meeting with Ledoux (3.00-4.09 in part 5).
-  his first meeting with ledoux didn’t went every well because ledoux refuses the deal that cohle is giving him and ledoux tells cohle that he got a demon inside of him. The next thing that happened is that ledoux tells them that if he sees them again he will kill them and if ginger calls ledoux again he would get miles on him.



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