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True American

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Tedra Heath Heath 1

English III

Due: May 22, 2008

Mr. Sullivan

True American: Bill Cosby

I would give you the actual definition of a True American, but I cannot. A black and white, printed, accepted definition of a True American does not exist. I can say this because I actually looked it up in my dictionary and the word True American is not there. In my own views and beliefs, a True American is someone who has the mindset that giving back to the country is just as important as reaping the benefits of our fortunate country. A True American is someone who sympathizes with the nation in a time of crisis and celebrates with the country during a time of triumph. A True American takes pride in America. A True American is a citizen of the United States of America.

I believe the start of being any kind of True American at all is being a citizen of the United States. Having it down on paper that you are a citizen of the United States and that America is your home is like having a birth certificate to say that you were born and exist to me. Americans can come from all different backgrounds, all different countries. What is important is that they are here now and are citizens of America. However, being a citizen is only a first item on a list of qualities it takes to be an American.

While everyone was thinking about their true Americans and asking if they could do this one or that one, the first person that popped was Bill Cosby. Born in Germantown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A, 12 July 1937 ( He’s done a lot for America. He’s been in the Navy and has entertained over thousands of people. He’s made movies, comedy acts and even a CD. He graduated high school and went onto college. He attended Temple; he dropped



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