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Tragic Hero

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Tragic Hero

“The change of fortune presented must not be the spectacle of a virtuous man brought

from prosperity to adversity."(Aristotle).The quote means that a tragic hero's fame shouldn’t be taken away or think of any less by others. Aristotle defined tragic hero as “a hero of a tragedy must evoke in the audience a sense of pity or fear”. Shakespeare introduced tragic heroes in

his plays he wrote. Tragedy of Julius Caesar a tragic hero is introduced a tragic hero and that is Marcus Brutus. Marcus Brutus is a great Roman who is Caesar's right hand man and most trusted friend. President Nixon and Marcus Brutus are both good examples of a tragic hero but only one is a true tragic hero here and that is Brutus. President Nixon was the 37th president of the United States and has gain fame for doing many things for the U.S and known for his tragic mistake.

Richard Nixon and Brutus have both done great things for others and that's what made them gain respect from the people. President Nixon has done many good deeds and one of them is creating the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) which enforces rules governing human health and the environment(Britannica). When he did good acts like that for the people, that made the people respect him and that made him look like a hero. Brutus has also won over the people of Rome. When Brutus killed Caesar he gives his reason by saying “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more...” He says this because he wants the people to know that he loves Rome so much that he’d do anything to see the people happy and independent. Now because of this the people now know the reason and respect Brutus for doing what needed to be done. Both have done their acts of kindness and have shown that they love the people.

Brutus and Nixon have done their fair share of things to be at the top and be respected. Richard Nixon was known for being one of the greatest presidents of the United States. To prove he was, his re election was won by landslide because of his choices while being president. One of the choices was his Domestic policies(pg4). He was making all these policies to aid people, most of his programs went up and that’s one of the ways he won over the people. Brutus was very known in Rome and most respected next to Caesar. He is known to be faithful,loyal, self-conscious, and prideful. “ Brutus had rather be a villager, Than to repute himself a son of Rome Under these



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