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Toyota Motor Corp

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Essay Preview: Toyota Motor Corp

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Toyota Motor Corporation is a leading automobile company throughout the entire world. Toyota has a strong commitment to diversity. It is an integral aspect of Toyota's success. The Toyota Motor Corporation understands that to continue to be successful in this day and age they must take further steps to diversify their company.

Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world's leading automakers, offering a full range of models, from mini vehicles to large trucks, and even new concept cars. Key competitors of Toyota include Nissan, Diamler Chrysler, Chevrolet, General Motors, and GMC.

Although Toyota experiences worldwide successes, they are constantly looking for new ways to branch out and reach minorities and ethnic groups. During the week of April 6,2005 Toyota launched a Spanish-language digital game on the Spanish edition of their website. This is the first interactive game available on the Spanish-language website. This new interactive activity is a good way for Toyota to enhance their image as well as reach a younger Hispanic market. It also allows Toyota to keep a constant communication process with consumers. This new game reaches those who are not effectively reached by existing television and print ads. In addition this new game will not only offer a form of entertainment but it will get more people to visit the Toyota site Toyota is promoting this new game by using banner ads on high-traffic Spanish language outlets and web sites. The game is titled "El Invicto" and is an interactive soccer game, where players defend their Corollas with one of three different goalkeepers. All of the goalkeepers are of a Hispanic background.

Toyota is one of the more innovative companies targeting a Hispanic market using online entertainment. This new game is an excellent source of support for the Corolla Hispanic TV and print executions using the same theme "El amor por el Corolla puede lograr cosas increibles" (love



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