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: Top-Dollar Bananas

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This is an article about the increase of bananas in New York City. This is a New York tradition for 0.25-cents bananas. But the New Yorkers were in for a shock when the vendors asked for more, one regular customer grabbed a banana at a fruit stand and saw the price was 0.35 cents newly written on the cardboard. Why? He asked the vendor and all Ahmed Minhaj could say is last week for the first time in nine years the price for a box of bananas jumped to 20$ from 15$ so he had to raise his prices. This has to do with Mother Nature, when hurricanes batter Central America last year the bananas went with them, more recently in Ecuador the banana fields were washed away, the South American nation where most of New York bananas come from. Basically, there just not enough fruit coming in Anthony Esposito, owner of Esposito and sons, which supplies 800 supermarkets and vendors in New York City. They are going down to the ports to pick up there fruit and there suppliers are just coming up short because they say they are not getting enough fruits from Colombia and Ecuador. These prices are even greater than what Mr. Minhaj had said. The supplier said the banana boxes they once sold for 14$ dollars are now 20$ or 21$ dollars. Simple to put it it's a question of supply and demand there's not enough supplies over there in center American. Some say a few weeks other say longer, but who really knows no one has the answers for that. This is how global market can be affected by the environment or by Mother Nature.



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