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Tome Vs Huck

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Even though Tom Sawyer might be "civilized" and a socially accepted boy, Huck is a better person because he knows that slavery is wrong and he is more rational and reasonable. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain shows this many different situations in which the uncivilized person, Huck, is actually the civilized person, and also is more of a realistic and reasonable.

One example of how Huck is more of a realistic person is when they form a gang and are going to rob a large caravan that is supposed pass by; when in reality they were going to rob a Sunday school. They are at a cave in St. Petersburg, Missouri. This took place by a cave after Huck leaves the Widow's home to meet up with Tom. This supports the thesis because tom is so much of a dreamer and wants to do everything that he reads. So it shows Tom's childish side because he wants to go on adventures and he wants to be like his "heroes" in a way because he wants to do these things. Huck says that, "One time

Tom sent a boy to run about town with a blazing stick, which he called a slogan (which was the sign for the gang to get together), and then he said he had got secret news by his spies that next day a whole parcel of Spanish merchants and rich A-rabs was going to camp in Cave Hollow with two hundred elephants and six hundred camels, and over a thousand 'Sumter' mules, all loaded down with di'monds and they didn't have only a guard of four hundred soldiers, and so we would lay ambuscade, as he called it, and kill the lot and scoop the things(twain pg. 24)." This quote is a perfect example of how Tom is still kind of immature and not realistic and that he wants to do everything that he reads, just like a kid now, would want to do everything that he watches on TV. "He could not be exhibited in any amorous encounters or engagements, in any of the juvenile affections which are appropriate to Tom Sawyer (Elliot pg.7)." This is from T.S Elliot's introduction to the book and it also supports the thesis, because it involves showing his childish side, of how he wants to do everything he reads

Also Tom is uncivilized because of the way he accepts slavery, and how he is so stuck in the world of back then and how they treated slaves as property more than the human beings that they were. It was wrong and we all know it, but the thing was that since Tom was "educated" it was taught to him that slave holding was right and that and he should treat them as they were treated because they were seen as property. This is shown, but not as much, when he plays a trick on Jim, Miss Watson's slave, by putting his hat on a tree limb when he was asleep, in the widow's back yard, at night after Huck sneaks out to meet with Tom. At the time Huck thought is was funny to , but deep down inside and after remembering the moment he knew that it wasn't the nicest thing that you could do to a person like that. Huck states "Tom said that he slipped off Jim's



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