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Tom Pharmaceutical Company Case Analysis

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General Santos City


(MGT6 – Human Behaviour in Organization)

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JERLYN GRAPANI                        JAYBEN IAN DALIPE                LIANA JOY BIÑAS

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The large pharmaceutical company has been dealing with some problems recently. Tom, the company’s sales representative with a declining sales record has grown a very long and ragged beard that has earned numerous complaints from both doctors and pharmacists. Tom says his beard is a personal fashion statement which he believes is an important part of the act as a bass guitarist. Even though the company has no specific policy regarding facial hair, the manager had talked to him many times about the impact of his appearance on his sales as well as the professional image of the sales force in the medical community. Tom says his beard has nothing to do with his sales. However, other’s sales in the district are significantly better than they were last year.

The problem had become the main agenda of the special committees. The ten (10) committee members had discussed the problem at hand and formulated independent ideas for what must be done with regards to the matter. Presented below are the committee’s independent ideas and how they reached a consensus decision.

A. Independent Ideas of the Special Committees



Supporting Statements

1. Alondra D. Suarez

Tom has to trim his beard.

There are many things to consider in a medical community and one is to maintain cleanliness and proper hygiene. In business, one of its greatest objectives is to make clients happy and satisfied. Since Tom falls under the two, he must also consider his clients and not just his own personal freedom. On the other hand, I know for a fact that we do not have a specific policy regarding facial hair. But, Tom’s growing beard has earned numerous complaints from both doctors and pharmacists which can possibly be the cause of his declining sales record. Tom might be denying it but the alarming complaints from his clients must be one of the factors that greatly affect his sales. However, Tom is an employee and they are said to be the greatest resource of the company. I am also aware that he is joining an amateur band group as a bass guitarist and his beard is an important part of the act. But, he should be fair to both if he wanted to keep his jobs. Clients’ feedbacks also play a vital part in the pharmaceutical company. Therefore, I suggest Tom to at least trim his beard enough to look himself clean and pleasant to the company’s clients. If Tom would not abide within a week, he should leave the company and his job given the fact that he had disregarded his manager’s advices many times.

2.  Jerlyn Grapani

Let Tom choose between being a sales representative or a bass guitarist. When he chooses to stay, he should cut his beard and be physically presentable.

In Tom’s case, the company already talked to him a couple of times about the effect of growing a beard to his sales but he just keep it pass. If I were to decide, I want to give him two options. First, we will let him choose whether to stay being a pharmaceutical representative or quit and let him focus and do his hobby which is performing in band. Second, if he chooses to stay being the pharmaceutical representative then he should abide the orders that we will set for him to follow. The order will be for him to cut his beard and be physically presentable. Once the rules will be followed, we will then check the outcome of his transformation if it can boost the sales or not. And if in case he chooses to stay being the pharmaceutical representative but failed to follow the rules given to him, then we don’t have any other choice but to terminate him and search for another person who is fit for the job.

3. Esther Lou Padayag

The management should talk to Tom in an ethical way.

Though the management has no policy regarding facial hair, Tom must first know his role since outside appearance is very important for his job, as noticed by his colleagues cutting his beard is the best solution for the benefit of their marketing styles.

4. Zwit Rivera

If Tom wouldn’t cut his beard as advised, fire him.

What is the big deal in cutting his beard off? The beard is just there to make a cool impression. He can still play with or without it. If he continues with the kind of attitude and ignore the advice, fire him or force resign. As a medical representative he must know the value of cleanliness in this field. Most importantly, he must know to follow orders.

5. Antonnette Jean Largo

He should improve his image by trimming his beard.

Tom has to set his priorities. If he wants to continue to be a pharmaceutical representative then he has to improve his image by trimming his beard since there are complaints about his facial hair and it has been a fact that this became a factor in his decreased sales. If he wants to keep it that way, then he should quit his job and focus on his hobby. In choosing his priorities he has to consider practicability, so therefore, he should choose the career where he earns more and feel comfortable in doing so.

6. Jayben Ian Dalipe

Tom should shave his beard.

It happens. It happens in our real life. This is my stand. Basically it’s all because of culture. Why? Because nowadays people will judge you on how you dress, the way you talk, the way you handle yourself, the way you walk. Every single matter that affects social matters. Simply gestures, just like this topic. Tom is a med-rep, he merchandise meds to people. He’s a good salesman, but things changed negatively when he chose to have a beard. And that’s his personal wants. The culture of a Med-rep (physically) is a clean good looking merchandiser. So it’s awkward now because he is not like that anymore. What my point is culture tells us how to judge people. I understand both sides of the party because there’s nothing wrong in their stands. We’re all different. But here, it is a business. So we all have to do everything in order to have a sale, to survive, and to compete to other company. Tom should shave his beard to do that. He really needs to set his priorities.

7. Precious Salas

If he cannot shave his beard, a trim will do.

It would depend on the corporate culture. There are places where beards, tattoos, nose rings, etc., are acceptable and places where they are not. If colleagues are telling you it is limiting you where you are then you are at one of the places where the culture is more conservative as far as professional look and you need to either conform or move on.

Yes, Tom’s beard has nothing to do with his sales but the point remains that beyond a certain level of the hierarchy, regardless of your specific position, you will be meeting current and potential customers, investors, etc., and are, at your level, an ambassador for your department. As such, you’re typically expected to be presentable.

8. Audrey Diendo

Monitor his performance.

Cutting beard is not a big deal; we have different views when you are a medical representative or anything. Tom’s beard has nothing to do with his sales, it depends how you act to customers, investors, and etc., as long as you’re presentable.



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