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To Conquer Or To Be Conquered

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Essay Preview: To Conquer Or To Be Conquered

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ÐŽoI came, I saw, I conquered.ÐŽ± Napoleon said.

We human beings, the best species in the planet, have a history of thousands of years. During it, we created and invented just in order to make life easier. Tools were made to defend wild animals and hunt food; clothes were made to keep warm; houses were made to stay from harsh outside conditions; etc. Yes, we conquered, however. But then, the goals to pursue became greater and greater. From bicycles to cars, from ships to aircrafts, from habitats to villas, from stone tools to guns, imagination is unlimited, creation is unlimited.

We were born in a highly developed world. Sophisticated technologies have soaked into each aspects of our everyday life. Apparently, mobile phone, mp3 player, digital camera and laptop are considered to be the four belongings that a contemporary college student must take possession of. In this case, I am a qualified student, I think. More or less, I send short messages with my mobile phone in class; I listen to the music with my mp3 while IЎЇm doing my homework and I surf the internet with my expensive laptop after class. This is my life, which is also the actuality of most 21 century college students. I used to consider this as rich and colorful, but when I got down to my pillow and took a thought of the fact ÐŽowhat have I done the whole dayÐŽ±, there only remained a piece of blankness in my mind. At the learning age, I learned nothing, except how to make use of those gadgets.

Apart from this, a survey has showed a more astonishing fact: in the growing-up period, a contemporary adolescent spend double hours in watching television as much as in study. Also, the majority of the glasses-weared students are the result of televisions or computers.

All of the truths lead to the conclusion that we are trapped by these gadgets rather than be in charge of them. That is, thanks to the



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