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To A Mouse By Robert Burns

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To a Mouse" By Robert Burns Essay

Would you waste your time apologizing to a mouse? Robert Burns shows us what its like to live in a rural area. He also shows us that people can be very sympathetic to animals. One of the last characteristics is the ideal of democracy." To a Mouse" by Robert Burns has three obvious characteristics of romantic poetry.

To begin, Burns is sympathetic to the mouse's dilemma. The speaker is sympathizes with the mouse after plowing over his house. The speaker also says that its okay for the mouse to steal because he knew that the mouse had live too. Burns made a point to tell the mouse that it's not alone. These are three ways that Burns shows us how to be sympathetic.

Secondly, the ideals of democracy are apparent in the poem. The poet made sure to show that the bond between nature like the bond between the upper and lower classes. The best laid plans of mice and men shows that not everything turns out perfect. The poet made sure to show that even in a world where man apologizes to animals nothing is ever perfect. Hence saying the fact that democracy cannot ever be perfect.

Finally, the poem has a rural setting. The poet chooses to use a rural setting to show a deeper side of the actual poem itself. It shows that the life of a farmer isn't always easy. The power of the words and the surroundings was amazing it really made the reader think about their life.

In conclusion Robert Burns makes the reader think about life in very different aspects for the time period that this poem was written. He shows that life is never easy. You can be an animal as simple as a mouse or as complex as a human and have complications in your life. Burns has show us the effects of rural communities, sympathy and the ideals of democracy all in a number of powerful stanzas.



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