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Tkam: Definition Essay

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TKAM: Definition Essay

“Be not ashamed women, … You are the gates of the body, and you are the gates of the soul.”-Walt Whitman. Women are often characterized as being feeble and weak people who always need to be saved by men. In reality, women are nothing like that but instead the complete opposite. Now there's no better superior gender, however women should not be seen as lesser than a man. A women is more than just a housewife,or a homemaker. Many women are equal to any man and sometimes even superior. While some men have done amazing things, women are just as good and can do anything a man can.

Society usually portrays women as a defenseless and feeble type of person who’s main focus should be taking care of a house and her kids, essentially being a housewife. This could not be farther from the truth. Women can be leaders in any workforce that they are in. They have it harder than most men seeing as they are subjected to sexual harassment, ridicule, and injustice due to their gender. They have to take all these problems and deal with them for if they even try to speak against it, they willl get criticized for that as well. Yet they still manage to rise above the rest and achieve what they want to do. They are hard workers and can be very kind and thoughtful for others For example, Pakistani Benazir Bhutt was the first democratically elected female leader of Pakistan during a very successful and passionate life that ended with her assassination in 2007. She showed an excellent display of both courage and endeavor, and it paid off when she was made Prime Minister in 1988. Many women have shown other displays of courage and strength to overcome adversity. A women is a person who is hardworking and struggles but strives for the things she wants. So many women struggle but still achieve what they want and they can still work harder than a man and gain more in life than a male can.

In To Kill A MockingBird, women are portrayed as the stereotypical women that do not do anything but fuss. Especially with Scout since she is constantly being told that she is acting like a girl is a negative thing by Jem. She is beginning to see being a female as a bad thing because Jem keeps chastising her on her actions saying that she’s ”becoming more and more like a girl”. Later on in the book, she starts to see it’s not so bad being a girl when she was with Calpurnia: “Calpurnia seemed glad to see me when I appeared in the kitchen, and by watching her I began to think there was some skill involved in being a girl.” There's definitely skill to being a woman. Throughout the book, women are seen as annoying and useless because of society and the time period in which this takes place. Back in the 1930’s, there wasn't much respect for any race nor gender that wasn’t white and male. The time period of the 1930’s was hard for all races though particularly harder for women. Since the great depression was happening, women had to be the backbone of the household. While in To Kill A Mockingbird, women instead are shown as something that is of a nuisance. This is shown time and time again:3 “I was not so sure, but Jem told me I was being a girl, that girls always imagined things, that's why other people hated them so, and



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