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Tinytap Techtool

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TinyTap encourages families, teachers, and students to learn from each other by creating their own personalized learning apps. Not only that, but you can also play thousands of new games that are shared by others around the world. Moreover, after you publish your amazing game, you have the option to earn money by selling your game on the TinyTap Market and the App Store. 

TinyTap is for everyone and it has many categories that students can practice and play games. It is for students (k-12), parents, teachers, special needs, book authors and organizations. Anyone can create and play fun and interactive games using this tool. Teachers can create interactive lessons, assign homework and projects, which supports project-based learning, for their students. They can create a group and invite students to join for lessons through the tool. Teachers can invite third party, parents or guardians of the students, to join the group and check the students' progress. And parents can interact and educate their kids by designing their own games. You can create games, puzzles, quizzes, e-books, interactive presentations, and many more. Under the tool, it has so many categories which are language arts, math, science, music & art, social skills, therapy, nature, and special studies. 

You can open a basic account and access this tool for free. However, you also have the option to go premium and get more features for creating games and view other players’ progress over time. 

This is the link to TinyTap insights guide –introduction and create group.



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