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Time To Kill

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A Time to Kill

The character that I found most interesting was the man on trial named Carl Lee. Carl Lee is a kind person who works in a lumber mill. The movie beginnings with two white racist Mississippi men driving around drunk through the woods when they come across a 10-year-old black girl. The black girl is Carl Lee's daughter Tonya Lee. The two drunk men proceed to violently rape Tonya then dump her in a nearby river for dead. Tonya doesn't die though, and the police, quickly find who raped Tonya. Carl Lee feels that the man that raped his daughter should be punished but knows that the courts will be favour them so he puts the law into his own hands and shoots the two men, killing them in the court building.

Carl Lee did not think that the court system would be fair and because the two men are white they would get off much less sentence. This is a form of racism, they did not treat black and white people the same. They would rather be nicer and give white people less sentences then a black person. Because Carl Lee killed the two men he is now in trouble with the law. He gets Jake Brigance, a white lawyer to help him with the case. After Carl Lee killed both men he was immediacy put into jail, because he is in jail he is unable to work and after 20 years of working at the lumber mill he is fired for only missing a few days. This is very unfair, Carl Lee as been working there for a large percentage of his life and after only a few days he is let go. I think that this is a form of racism. With no job and no income it is very hard for Carl Lee to find money to pay his lawyer. His church sees that he is having a problem paying for the lawyer and providing food for his family so they set up a collection on Sunday mass. Once the church has raised enough money they offer the money to Lee to get a better a lawyer, Lee does not want another Lawyer and keeps Jake Brigance. Right from the beginning Jake



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