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Time Management

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One big intervention in setting the tone for effective Time Management is deploying positive affirmative commands: This is true as:

  • Mental rehearsal connotes practicing in your mind how you are being a perfect time manager. The sub conscious is activated by mental rehearsals 
  • Act/ pretend as if you're an excellent time manager. Act as if you're already an excellent time manager. FIMI: Fake it until you make it.
  • Modelling: Use an efficient time manager as a role model you admire. You become on the outside who you admire from the inside.
  • Assume you're learning time management to teach. There's a principle that says you become what you teach. Lead by example. Imagine you're setting the standard in your office for time management.


This is the heart of time management. As humans, we crave for attainment and protection of our self-values. According to Brian Tracy; there are three factors that affect your self-esteem and add to your self- value building

  • Your values. Living your life consistent with your self-esteem is connected to the premium you attach to time managements  
  • Mastery: a feeling of personal control. Everything you learn about time management causes your self-esteem to go up.
  • Goals and activities: Organizing your life so that it is congruent with your values and abilities.

Quality of Time Management

According to Brian Tracy, the quality of your life is largely determined by the quality of your time management. The following are 5 principles that depict this

  • Time management enables you to increase the value of your contribution. Net your putting in more than you're taking out
  • Your rewards (both tangible and intangible) will always equal the value of your service to other people. Time management enables your sow more and reap more in every area of your life.
  • TM enables you function like a factory. Good TM drives you to constantly to check your outputs and ensure they're in line with expectations. TM will help you increase your outputs- basically increase the value of what you're paid for. Constantly ask yourself- what am I expected to produce vs what am I expected to do.
  • Your levels of achievement and performance depend on the degree to which you can use your time to your best advantage.
  • Time the most scarce resource of achievement in life. Time is inelastic and irreplaceable. There is no substitute for time. It cannot be preserved



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