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Three Life Lessons I Learned from My Life

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Essay Preview: Three Life Lessons I Learned from My Life

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Three Life Lessons I Learned from My Life

Grew up in a family with a simple life. It was never been easy. When I was in my primary days, my mother taught us to do household chores before we will leave going to school. Me and my other siblings had different assigned chores. As a third eldest I assigned to cook rice using wood fire at the age of seven years old I knew how to used wood burner. I remember my childhood days looking at my classmates they are so lucky to have a good life they only think about their allowances and how they will enjoy at school.

Lessons I learned from my life.

1. Poverty is not a hindrance to education, in my secondary at a very young age I had to make for living by selling vegetables in the market during Sunday woke up like 3am to prepare, in our province we called it TABO, selling Ice candies and candies like(Yakee and Pintura) in our school. It might be ashamed for others but to me it was a fulfillment because of that, I was able to pay my monthly laboratory fees in school and also help my parents in our financial needs. Fast forward of my life after I took my short term course decided to go here in Manila to look for a job where I can help my parents to provide our needs and also to support the education of my younger siblings. Grew up in province and to moved here in a city where a fast facing life was never easy. I experienced discrimination because of my accent and also I can’t speak fluently in tagalog.

2. There’s always room for improvement, with my experienced being discriminated I took it as a challenge to improve the way I speak in tagalog, Learning process, I used to talk to my co worker in tagalog to enhance it. One more thing when I failed I acknowledge my mistake and learned from it. Humanity is very important it’s okay to have mistakes after all we are just human. As Albert Einstein quoted “ A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”. In my life I always have a room for improvement I believe my mistakes or wrong decisions in life it made me of  who I am today. A better version of myself version 2.0.



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