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Three Causes Of Ww2

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In my opinion there were three main causes of World War 2. And they were The Treaty of Versailles, Adolf Hitler being put into power of Germany, and nationalism.

I believe that one of the causes of World War 2 was the signing of the Versailles Treaty was complete on June 28, 1919. The treaty put all the blame of World War 1 on Germany. In turn it caused Germany into a huge depression. They lost a lot of money. Germany was not very happy with that. And that's when Hitler was put in charge.

When Hitler came into power in 1933 he began to break the laws of The Versailles Treaty. He denounced the provisions of that treaty which limited German armament and in 1933 he also reinstated compulsory military service. He also tried to overthrow the republican government on November 8, 1923. It was called the "beer-hall putsch".

I think the third cause of World War 2 was due to Nationalism. Nationalism is the love one has for their country and willingness to die for it. Many of the countries involved in World War 2 were very nationalistic. Each country thought that they themselves were better than the others. Many built up their armies. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because we had a stronger water fleet.

Well in conclusion three causes of World War 2 were The Treaty of Versailles, Adolf Hitler being elected ruler of Germany and the third cause is Nationalism. I believed the war could have been prevented if these simple things were never presented.



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