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Thinking And Feeling

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"(I'm so borderline between thinking and feeling it's not even funny)"

Being balanced and well integrated is generally not funny it's true, but it does tend to make laughter come easier ;o]

"I'm an aquarius with sagittarius rising, a pisces moon and an extended chart packed full of capricorn and scorpio.



"Holding doors for and smiling at people (strange how many odd looks this gets me -- it's a sad comment on the state of our society)."

In the right hands, the single most powerful, dangerous, valuable and frightening commodity above all else, is physical beauty. At street level, women strive to emulate it and men strive to possess it. When your body language cheerful dismisses or fails to acknowledge the tawdry offerings of value - be it a disdainful but marginally less than contemptuous regard from a flower that fades, or the quixotic chivalry of a tilting windmill - that people tend to offer either in tribute or as an initial inducement, they regard it as rejection. A seemingly insignificant event can have dramatic consequences when an 'individual' is suddenly faced with the spectre of no hope. No hope of attaining that which they desire the most.

"-- it's amazing how much people betray in seemingly simple motions"

The difference is that you make those implications explicit by attributing possible motivating factors to them. It is not an exact science but then none of the social sciences are. A study of statistics or even economics will demonstrate that they don't have to be. When we cross reference several of these simple motions within



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