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Theory of Golden Billion

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In the mid-90s to Russia, the book United States Colonel Main Intelligence Directorate "300 Committee" might have been translated. About 30 years, he concentrated on those privileged insights to control those globe. What's more it could a chance to be finished up that worldwide procedure directed toward 300 of the richest clans. The “Committee of 300?” to be made in 70 years of big analysis company, research and evolution. After being studied it was found that the natural resources on the earth are limited to the world’s population. This theory says that for a pleasant stay in the country with adequate natural resources for only one billion people.

Golden Billion is a term used in Russia to describe the belief that a relatively small percentage of the world’s population, located in the richest nations of the West, consume the biggest percentage of the world’s resources. In this "Golden Billion" society go to those United States, Canada, Western Europe, Israel also japan. As you know, whether Russian nor the Tartars, or the many people living in our country, in this billion were not included. The International community has created a program regard to the USSR in 1985 and in the year of 2020, the organization also suggested that they should reduce by half the population aged over 35 years in each of the two countries were killed.

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Killing is not only can lead to warfare as it was done by the Muslims. The old was destroyed by poverty, while the younger generation has been destroyed by alcohol, tobacco, drugs and greedy lusts. Golden Billion take the possibility of serious ecological changes. Most plans "world government" depends on global disaster in which it is a nightmare of overpopulation.

The Golden Billion use Malthusianism theory for war. Malthusianism is an ideas from the political or economic thought of the Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus. He believed that there were two type of “checks” that can reduce the population in order to a more sustainable level. Next, he believed there were "preventive checks" such as moral restraints (abstinence, delayed marriage until finances become balanced), and restricting marriage against persons suffering poverty or perceived as defective. Malthus believed in "positive checks", which lead to 'premature' death such as disease, starvation, war, resulting in what is called a Malthusian catastrophe.

The Golden Billion development is the declaration that the current exploitation of natural resources and the world’s environmental space benefits one billion people and their descendants at the expense of curbing the progress and human development of the other five billion. The effect is that if utilization levels in the West are not controlled, other countries cannot succeed. According to Russian parliamentarian M. Lemeshev, their connection with nature are decreased to the sale of natural resources such as oil, and trees due to being export including metals, gold and others. The Western countries are not assist with Russia to invest a single dollar in Russia’s agriculture, housing construction, medicine and education. Therefore some community activity is needed to overwhelm the illegal strategy in the “golden billion” theory and other countries must grow remaining communities with natural resources.

Many have said that the Golden Billion in the form of speech is not clear. For example of post-Soviet Russia worked hard to defend their country's natural resources from the greedy western countries. This is due to the West’s demoralization of Russia’s youth. Demoralization is a situation which moral of the nation is declined, as a result of uncontrolled globalization due to the influx Western culture that does not fit traits of the nation. Moreover the destroyed of Russian economy and the standard of public health has declined. In the history of the Great Patriotic War and pseudoscience, It also builds and maintains hostility toward population control media meet in Russian in the Putin era, in which the distribution of condoms is a smart move of West to reduce Russian birth rates.


In this concept, critics have used to study the world situation and development prospects. They found that the imbalance of population growth cause the earth's limited resources. According to Tertullian a Christian theory, he alert about the problem. He claim that the population of the earth is getting overloaded because it cannot provide a greater need for them. The worse thing happens when human afflicts disaster like famine, war, earthquakes and human causes of countries of high population use the earth's resources are limited.



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