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Theodore Roosevelt

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Essay Preview: Theodore Roosevelt

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Scott Martin

Dr. Tassinari

American Civilization II

22 January 2017

Theodore Roosevelt

        This article is about the great twentieth century president, Theodore Roosevelt.  It covers the different areas in which Roosevelt helped our country move forward and become a better place.  His effect on the economy was one that can be remembered to this day.  When Roosevelts came into office, America was emerging as one of the world’s wealthiest nations.  He believed that the success to the economy in America was for the government to moderate the excesses of free enterprise.  Roosevelt set up the ideas for Social Security, a minimum wage, and regulation of stock trading.  He broke up monopolies forming in the U.S. and passed many acts including the Drug Act and the Pure Food Act.  The idea to make sure the monopolies did not occur in America is still prevalent in today’s economy.  He also led America to the victory in the Spanish-American war, which gave the U.S. many territories such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.  He also tried to achieve national health care but this proved unsuccessful.  This was one of the few things Roosevelt was unable to succeed at.  Roosevelt, from an early age, was in love with nature and the outdoors.  He wanted to protect the outdoors even after he was president.  He created 150 national forests, 51 national wildlife refuges, and 5 national parks.  President Roosevelt continued to grow as a president and slowly turned this country around for the better.

        This article provides a deep insight on the accomplishments of Theodore Roosevelt.  It reiterates these points of interests pertaining to Roosevelt.  This article shows how Roosevelt helped build America into the powerhouse it is today.  I thought it was interesting to learn how fond Roosevelt was of the outdoors and nature.  It makes me wonder what America would be like today if Theodore Roosevelt was currently the president of the U.S.  After learning about him, I believe he would make saving the environment and reducing pollution a top priority.  The article compares Roosevelt’s monitoring of monopolies in the United States back when he was president to Microsoft of the present day.  This comparison makes it easier for me to see the connection behind the motive for controlling monopolies in America.  This article really gets me to appreciate what President Roosevelt did while leading this nation.  I liked how as president he was not only trying to improve America while in office, but enable the country to continue to prosper into the future.



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