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Theme Parks

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The Entertainment of Central Florida

For years, Central Florida has been known for having the best amusement parks in the world, all in one relative area. Having so many parks in such a small amount of space gives us a variety of amusement choices. Here we have theme parks, water parks, and animal parks, guaranteeing that there will be something to cater to your interests.

The most popular of all the Central Florida attractions are the theme parks. These are most appealing to the children, who usually have the final say in the selection process, mainly because they are geared toward younger kids. That's why they have the popular characters, and the child oriented themes. But these parks are also very entertaining for adults with the big roller coasters, live shows, and other attractions. Theme parks have a little bit if everything, making it possible for everyone for to have a good time. That's why they are usually the best bet for the whole family. People come from all over the world, just to visit the theme parks. Theme parks are perfect for vacations.

Another extremely popular attraction of Central Florida are the numerous water parks. In an area known for it's hot, humid weather, these fit in perfectly. A nice water ride will cool you off pretty quick on a warm, summer day. That's why water parks are most popular with the people from this area. We appreciate them the most because we live with this weather every day. These parks are like a mini Ð''oasis.' Vacationers often visit water parks, but are usually not the main attraction for their trip. But they do make a great addition to one. They may see a flier for one in their hotel and decide to go cool of. Water parks bring us all the relaxation and sun of our famous beaches, but also give us many entertaining rides, wave pools, and other water attractions.

If you're not into roller coasters or water rides, then maybe you'd like to



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