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Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Essay Preview: Their Eyes Were Watching God

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n the book Their Eyes Were Watching God is saying that Janie’s life proves that a woman can do many more thing than her society believes are possible. As readers we her going through a lot in the book and gets judged a lot. She goes through many relationships heartbroken or not, she gets through it. Janie’s nanny wants her to marry Logan Killicks which Janie doesn’t want. Janie's idea overall is that she wishes that people would stop judging her.

We see many examples in the book. Starting off when Janie comes back and home and her nanny forces her to marry someone she doesn’t want. “ The vision of Logan Killicks was desecrating the pear tree, but Janie didn’t know how to tell Nanny that. She merely hunched over and pouted at the floor.” Nanny tries really hard to get Janie to marry mainly for her own safety. Connecting this to the idea of how She can do what many other woman believe she couldn’t is the fact that Janie ran away from Logan. Most of the time when the people in Janie's town see her get into a new relationship or leaves a man, they have to assume she either poisoned them,or took their money (could be opposite with the money part).

The second example in the book we see is when Janie husband Joe Starks dies. She then starts to another man named Teacake. In the book Pheoby talks about how Teacake dated a lady named Annie Tyler and how he took all her money. Pheoby is mainly just jealous she found another guy and wishes she could borrow Teacake. This shows Janie can really do anything even though people would still end up judging her she doesn’t focus on that. Teacake is here and does a lot for Janie. “ Fishing? Dis time of night?” Unhhunh fishing. Ah know where the dream is bedding.”

Janie at first wasn’t really sure if this relationship was the best for her. This also shows us that she is one of the few to only woman that would date Teacake after what people have told her about him. Another



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