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The War Prayer

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It was a time of excitement because the war was on. There was a celebration for a start of the war and families were proud of their sons who were going to fight for their own country. People who were against war got a warning and could not claim their objection toward war as the way they did. Sunday morning, the day before the battle starts, the church was filled with people. There were prayers to cheer for the soldiers, wishing their strong battle for the honor and glory. Then an aged stranger entered suddenly and step up the main aisle. He kept silent without pausing. He ascended to the preacher's side and stood there, motioning a minister to step aside. The man told people that he came from the Throne, bearing a message from Almighty God. He said that a prayer has two other sides. Your pray necessarily sacrifices something another. When they prayed for victory they have prayed for many unmentioned results which must follow victory. Then he put it into words as God asked him to do. His pray told people how sad and violent a war was and did not mention that a war is honor and glory.

I agree with the author. I do not think that people should honor or proud of a war. It is wrong to think that fighting and dying from battles are honor. Because it just killed people and made so many sad. I also agree with what a man said in the story. If someone wishes for his or her own country's victory in a war, he necessarily wishes an enemy and others' dead at the same time.



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