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The War In Afganhansitan

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The fierce war in Afghanistan is outrageous. Multi nation troops including Canada are taking part of this battle against the terrorists. There are both positive and negative sides to this war. On the bright side, Afghan leaders had a meeting to improve their government by placing humanitarian aid, stabilization and reconstruction as their priority. However, the negative side seems to overwhelm the positive side of this war. The afghan government is having negotiations for taking place while the war continues. There have been mass of horrible massacres ever since the war had taken place; Mounting tolls of civilian casualties were due to the assault of air campaigns. And thousands of soldiers have lost their lives in order to contribute to the war.

War: noun, one syllable, an armed conflict between countries or groups that involves killing and destruction. The history of war: the Greek god of war, ÐŽoAresÐŽ± the only son of Zeus and Hera. He is tall and handsome, but vain and cruel. He fought numerous battles, with his sword, he rushed into the thick of battle, despite who won or lost as long as blood was shed. Such a god is, determined, and fearless, but on the other side he is Impulsive, and raring for a fight regardless of the consequences. As we can see, wars were never pleasant. Ever since WWI and WWII, people realized thereЎЇs been nothing to gain but many to lose. Billions of lives have lost just for the sake of gaining power over another clan or nation throughout the history. And right now itЎЇs countries verses country for the last few centuries.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization has about 33,000 soldiers in Afghanistan; it is composed over 25 nations. United States, Canada, UK, France, and Germany are the main ones. We need to keep in mind that the number of multinational troops that will be required to help with both the immediate tasks of aid and demilitarization. It is very important to train security forces and police forces that are protecting both the borders and the people. Because of the war, not only Afghanistan is in big trouble, but its neighbors are also vital targets to the NATO. NATO has to ensure that the other countries not to interfere with them.

The main sake of NATO is to give aid and reconstruct Afghanistan. For some reason, ÐŽoerrantÐŽ± bombs were destroying villages full of Afghans. Everyday, thousands of Afghans are forced to leave their homes and become refugee. Fear ruled Afghan peopleЎЇs lives every day. For an ordinary citizen, bombing campaign was the worst thing that can happen. The war against afghan people caused not only bombing from above but also starvation from below. International humanitarian organizations had estimated 100,000 Afghan children had died of starvation and cold during the winter.

I believe this war has cost many



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