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The Wafahufi Milkshakes

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Essay Preview: The Wafahufi Milkshakes

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Can you feel the heat and the hassle of always rushing? Don’t worry, Wafahufi Milkshake got you! Wafahufi offers fresh milkshakes of five different flavors such as Chocolate, Strawberry, Tiramisu, Green Tea and Vanilla just RM 10 for each cup.  The Wafahufi Milkshakes: A New Joy Of Moments is a food business by Mawarni, Farranisa, Huda and Afidah  who are  just graduated from University Teknologi Mara in Masters of Business Administration, that is planned to serve a good milkshake’s for the people around the selected area. Wafahufi maintains high quality but cost-friendly food products, and always serve and satisfy the customers’ demands by providing them a friendly and honest service.  


The Wafahufi milkshakes is a business dedicated in providing high quality, refreshing, and convenient food products, mainly milkshakes but at the same time are cost-friendly for the satisfaction of all the customers. The entrepreneurs intend to make the products stress-relievers and refreshing by providing clean and tasty, fresh ingredients, and by always maintaining a good and friendly quality services to the customers.

The company envision to provide and maintain unique, delicious taste of milkshakes with their different flavors, that will stay on every customers’ taste, and can compete on the top of the market.


  • To make the business successful, and be the world’s largest milkshake business.
  • To become well known as a good-quality and delicious milkshake producer,
  • To always serve and satisfy the customers needs by providing them delicious and healthy products which are different from other shops.
  • To always serve and satisfy the customers’ demands by providing them friendly, honest services, and high quality, cost-friendly food products.






  • Specialize in Administration such as manage the business operations, resources, material usage and other. Plan the activities of the company
  • Communicate and coaching with all the team member such as have to know the duties of all the departments and gives the orders and directions to all of the departments
  • Directing and Delegating such as accept and make the approval of the proposals. Approve or reject the budget that have been prepared by the financial manager and review the financial statement of the company


  • Planning - Preparing financial statement, internal report and business’s yearly budget.
  • Directing -Prepare the financial report at the end of each year, monitor the company’s flow of cash and financial instruments
  • Controlling -Maintaining the accounting record and ensure the stabilization of the company financial


  • Establish and maintain appropriate system for measuring necessary aspect of operational management
  • Plan developing and implement strategy for operational management and development


  • Planning- , determine the uniqueness of the products compare to the competitors’ product, plan and evaluate a new marketing strategy
  • Directing -Make the survey that related to the customer satisfaction to increase the quality of products
  • Controlling -Monitor the activities of the sales, advertisement and promotions, ensure the sales target that have been set by the company can be achieve


The main target customers, which are the people who live near to the selling area such as student, teenagers, workers and foreigner.

Product-The uniqueness feature of the milkshakes is that It will be serve with flavored straws that match the flavor chosen by customers.

Price -It is also cost-friendly for the target customers, especially the teenagers. The entrepreneurs also aim to serve outside, both locally and internationally in the future. The container’s size will be large size for all, and with the price of 10.00 Ringgit for all the said flavors, that is cost- efficient and will always maintain an equal amount of serving for all, made with good- quality and fresh ingredients. To lessen the financial needs but still the quality and taste remains. In selling the milkshakes, the product will be putted in a refrigerator  so that it will not melt easily upon selling to the market. With the use of refrigerator, the entrepreneurs will able to reach and sell the products anytime in the selling area

Place - Wafahufi Milkshakes is located at Tesco Tanjung Pinang. Therefore, our business will target the market people who come to the Tesco. One of the factor is that area is the vacation spot for tourist because its near to Batu Ferringhi and residential area for shoppers. Moreover, there are many people will come everyday because there is a lot of things that can be found here other than buying grocery. Therefore, the target market is easy to reach.

Promotion -With the use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and others we can post the product and services to advertise the business that will surely catch the attentions of all customers especially the younger ones. We also create a logo and put it in the stall for customers to easily recognize the business. We will also divide the different tasks in the business so that it will be much organize, and the business will run smoothly.

[pic 3]


Cost of materials needed to make milkshakes :

Sales prices of milkshakes ( RM10.00 for large)


Large (350 millilitre)

Whole Milk

(RM900 for 180 000 milliliter.)

(need 90 millilitre of milk)

 RM 0.45


(RM300 for 6000 gram)

(need 3 gram of cream)

RM 0.15


(RM2.85 X 380kg = RM1083)

(need ¾ cup /190gramof sugar)    RM 0.54

Premium Vanilla Ice Cream

(RM720 for 18000 millilitre.)

(need 9 millilitre of ice cream)      RM 0.36 


(RM 800 for 2000 cups)

(Need per cup’s flavor)

RM 0.40

Flavoured specialty straws

(RM 1500 for 2000 straw)

(need 1 straw)


Cups 350 millilitre

(2000 cups for RM 700)

RM 0.35

Direct Material Cost Per Unit

RM 3.00




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