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The Veldt and Zero Hour

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Cj Jackson

Mrs. Pritchett

Adv. English


“The Veldt” and “Zero Hour”

        “The Veldt” and “Zero Hour” are similar, because both are stories are about how easy it is to manipulate a child. These stories do not just have one similarities though, each share more than one relation. The similarities are things like the gullibility of children, means of brainwashing, and parental relationships.

        The gullibility of the children is first on the list of similarities in the two stories. The gullibility of the children was shown in “Zero Hour” by the “game” invasion, which was a game where they were speaking to aliens. On the other side of things, the gullibility of the children in “The Veldt” shown by the nursery, which could change into any scene you wanted, and it always being an African savanna. The children in this story had been threatened to have the nursery taken away, and that made them mad.

        The means of brainwashing is second on the list of similarities, this is shown in “Zero Hour” by the aliens turning out to be real and convinced the children to help take over the world, and kill all the adults of the world. Mink exclaimed, “He”, meaning the alien, “told all the kids that. No more baths. And we can stay up till ten o’clock and go to two televisor shows on Saturday ‘stead of one!”. The quote here can show that mink was brainwashed into thinking that she could have these things, if she would help the aliens invade earth. The parents in “Zero Hour” did not believe anything was going to happen in the end, in fact, they thought it was just a game. In “The Veldt” the children had a nursery that changed into anything they wanted. This nursery led them to kill their parents, because the parents threatened to turn it off and the kids had the nursey changed into a safari to let the lions kill the parents.



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