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The Validity of the Scale

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I completed and scored my Marlowe Social Desirability Scale with very honest answers. After reviewing my answers I scored a low score based on the answers I gave. When completing this evaluation I was completely honest with my answers and didn’t pick socially acceptable answers even though they were an option. I decided when I started this evaluation that I was just going to be completely honest with my selection of answers.

Now if you truly know me, you would know that even though I selected these answers, if I were to be asked these questions in person or if I new someone else would be looking at my answers than I would have totally selected socially acceptable answers. For me personally I would never want to be looked at as a rude or not a nice person and I think everyone in that situation would have selected socially desirable answers. But I think deep down and if you’re being completely honest than people more times than not will select socially undesirable answers.

I’d like to say i’m not the type of person who does things just because everyone else does them but i’f i’m being completely honest I guess I kind of am. But I feel like so is everyone else, I think it’s just something that people go through when they’re younger and as you age you seem to be more comfortable with yourself and you start to not care what other people think about. This could just be my own opinion but it’s something that I feel like i’m personally going through.

After reading the article of the validity of the scale I have to be honest i’m kind of confused but I think I get the idea. Basically 600 participants were selected at random from ages 18-40 from chicago and were all tested via saliva, hair, and urine for drug use. The results showed that people declining use of cocaine had a high CM score and people who didn’t use cocaine scored low on the CM scale. If i’m interpreting this right then people who denied using cocaine gave more



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