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The Unforgetable Sleepover

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I have so many unforgettable memories with my best friend, Melissa. I have known her for many years, we're practically like sisters. We have an abundance of fun memories together; although, one in particular does stand out. Melissa's 7th birthday party! She was having it at her Aunt Marsha and Uncle Dennis' house. I was so excited. It was going to be a sleepover pizza party with all of my friends there. The party was not starting until 3 p.m. I remember looking at the clock, it was only 8 a.m. I asked my mom just about every 20 minutes if it was time to leave yet. I think my mom finally got tired of answering me, so she told me it would be time to leave when the big hand is on the two and the little hand is on the three. Finally! It was time to leave! I grabbed my "My Little Pony" sleeping bag and overnight bag. I rushed out to the car, stumbling over my own feet. I stood impatiently at the car door, waiting for my mom to unlock the door. We loaded up the car with my bags and we were off!

When we finally pulled up to the house, it looked as though we had pulled right into a storybook fairy tail. Streamers covered the house in purple and pink satin ribbon; it looked as though the house was covered in cotton candy. There were so many balloons in all colors and sizes, I eventually lost count! A big banner on the front door stated in bright pink letters, "MELISSA'S 7TH BIRTHDAY!" It sparkled like a million little stars in the sky. I could hardly wait for the door to open. My heart was racing; I felt like I was about to enter a world of make believe.

My mom and I knocked on the front door! The birthday girl opened it. She was wearing a pink and white dress, resembling the dress from Belle in Beauty and the Beast. She looked like a little princess. She even had a pink clip in her long blonde straight hair. As we walked further inside the house, I noticed snacks in the kitchen on pink platters, and candy in a bright pink glittery bowl. The aroma of pizza was dancing throughout the air, and there was even a pink box full of donuts for our breakfast the next morning. I also saw a princess piñata sitting on the floor right outside in the backyard. I noticed one of the games was a princess themed stick the tail on the donkey, but this one was stick the crown on the princess. Melissa said there was even more games that we were going to play. Just then, there was a knock at the front door. We both ran to the door to see who it was. It was our friends Tamaki and Azusa. Just as we were about to close the door we saw our other friends pull up. It was Danielle, Lisa, Stacy and Ashley. Now that everyone was here, I couldn't wait to get started. I kissed my mom good bye real quick and we were off to play our first game.

I was having so much fun playing games with all of my friends. We were eating as much candy, pizza, and ice cream as we could get our little hands on. We finished playing all the games and hit the princess piñata as hard as possible, until all the candy fell out like confetti falling down from the sky. It was time to start watching scary movies. We got into our pajamas and crowded around each other with our sleeping bags beneath us. We all sat in suspense with our eyes stuck to the TV screen watching The Shinning! Of course, a few times during the eerie movie, a few of us girls let out a scream and had to turn our heads away.

While watching the movie, we heard a noise coming from one of the windows behind us. We all looked at each other with pusillanimous looks on our faces, but eventually rubbed



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