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The Spaniards And The Native Americans

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I don't think a major factor in how the Spaniards treated the Natives was racism. I think the Spaniards treated the natives the way they did because they didn't like anyone who had different beliefs than them. They were also very greedy, so they would have treated almost anyone like that just to get precious metals. The Spaniards even invited the Indians into there culture when they first got there. Racist people would not do that.

The Spaniards didn't like anyone who had different beliefs than them. They wanted everyone to have the same religion as them and they thought it was there duty to ensure that everyone did convert to there religion. The Spaniards saw the religion of the Natives and instantly "knew" they were wrong. They saw the way the sacrificed people. They saw how they literally ripped someones guts out just to please the gods. The Spaniards saw this as barbaric and they knew they had to change it. I don't see this as racism because the Spaniards would have tried to change anyones religion no matter what race they were.

The Spaniards were very greedy people. They knew before they left that they wanted all the precious metals they could find. When they saw how considerate the Natives were being to them they decided to ask for the precious metals. Why not get the precious metals? The natives thought they were gods and they could have anything they wanted, so why not make your self rich? I know that taking all of the gold and silver of the natives was wrong, but it would be hard to resist for anyone. If I would have been in that situation it would have been hard for me to resist. All of that gold being just one question away. I couldn't turn that down. I don't think this act is racist in any way. This was all fueled by greed. Greed and racism are two very different things.

When the Spaniards first arrived in the new world they invited the natives into there culture.



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