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The Silent Roar

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John Marshall Stadium isn't your typical stadium, and you will see no typical game here. On game day the Thundering Herds pride can be heard for miles and it's enough to keep every fan's enthusiastic spirits high. They would come to watch their favorite team even when it rains like in the Amazon or when it's as sunny as a beach. In times of foul weather, fans can be found packed together under large, green umbrellas. Looking around, they all would seem to connect together and make one big tent. One side of the field would be a sea of green as far as anyone could see. Not even an act of God could keep them away.

You feel as if you were beside a jet during takeoff as the players line up on the field and the roar of the crowd becomes intense. Everyone's blood starts to boil and adrenaline starts to flow as they desperately wait for the sound of the whistle to start the game. The brilliant white of the floodlights make it impossible for the darkness to hide as they illuminate the field. The 100-yards of well-kept grass glisten in the evening sun. Gusts of wind send each sharp blade pointing in a different direction from the next as if tingling with excitement. The soft leather cleats on the players' feet will soon shred the grass to pieces. Tiny cleat holes made from previous events can be seen from their hiding places beneath the thick, green grass. Perfect parallel lines are painted at precise intervals along the field. These straight markings are painted in a brilliant white color that have a glowing appearance lying next to the more subtle green blades of grass. The most well known feature of this amazing field is the bold, block lettering that runs along the goal line on one end. Standing out from everything else on the field are large characters the spell Marshall.

The focal points of the field that reach for the air stand on each end of it. Towering 30 feet in the air, the goal posts draw much excitement and emotion from the crowd in the stands. When the opposing team's players are rushing toward their end zone the silence becomes deafening



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