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The Secret Metting

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The Secret Meeting

Michael Hensley

Southern Nazarene University

During the past twenty- seven years of my naval career the

dynamics of meetings have changed in the Navy. When I was a seaman apprentice I was never really involved in the meeting process, if I was at a meeting it was to fill a chair because we had no-one else to go and I felt that they were a waste of time. As I advanced in the Navy I started to realize how important meetings were.

                            The last command I was stationed with had a designated meeting room. This was a state of the art room. There was a wall that had television monitors covering every corner of the earth. Satellite communication gave us a real time situations. In the corner of the room a large horseshoe table sat. On the table sat laptops for Skype meetings with senior leadership from Washington.  When the meetings occurred the only reserved spot was for the person in charge of the meeting. We felt that everyone’s input was important so no seat was assigned. I would try to always sit with my back to the wall and I would watch the door out of habit.  The seating arrangement we had did not have an impact on our meetings. Everyone on the team knew that their ideas and suggestions were carefully be considered from the lowest rank to the highest rank.  


                        The meetings that I participated in never had over fifteen people. This was our team and a couple of outside personnel. We would use this concept when we were planning a mission, because the team always needed a fresh set of eyes to help us see what we needed to improve on. This helped me be a better leader and helped me develop junior team members. The communication we had as a team was the best communication I have ever had. In my current job I do not go to meetings, but if I ever do I am afraid the meetings will be a big disappointment.



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