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The Secret Life

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James Thurber, '"'The secret life of Walter Mitty,'"' is a short story. It is based on a man who daydreams and fantasizes about great and heroic acts. From being a surgeon to a pilot to a Navy commander. His wife, Mrs. Mitty, keeps nagging him about minor things that he should remember to do. Though this story seems comical at first, I find it to be quiet sad. Walter Mitty is an irresponsible and immature person.

A Navy commander who '"'ain"'"t afraid of hell'"', to a genius surgeon who completes a complicated surgery. Mitty"'"s wild and action packed daydreams are nothing like his real life. He is portrayed as a very average older man who cannot really think for himself, but instead his wife does it for him. Mitty is very irresponsible and is so caught up in his daydreams that he enters an '"'exit only'"' (87) lane, while driving.

Moreover, if it was not for Mrs. Mitty, Walter Mitty would do everything wrong. Mrs. Mitty might come off as nagging wife to some readers, but I think she is so tired of putting up with him and his child like behavior at times, that it has become second nature for her to talk to him in a bossy tone, '"'Remember to get those overshoes while I"'"m having my hair done,'"' '"'why don"'"t you wear your gloves.'"' (88)

Furthermore, it is ironic how all his fantasies were about him doing some great job or some heroic act, but his last daydream is Walter Mitty standing in front of a firing squad, I think symbolizes his feelings about his real life.

Walter Mitty is nothing more but an immature and irresponsible man. It is sad to see that he has to have heroic daydreams in order to feel important. '"'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'"' is not such a secret after all.



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