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The Roman Empire

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The fall of Roman Empire could not have been avoided. Careless defense and no knowledge of advance medicines brought the fall of the Roman Empire. Rome had many problems with the government with lead to its fall.

A major problem with assisted the fall of Rome was the Plague. Plague killed soldiers and helpless Roman citizens. Without people to do their jobs Rome will eventually fall. This also affects the amount of army men to fight a needed war. With out working people to build weapons for there army, their military would be very weak. If they didn't have weapons an invasion will sure destroy the rest of Rome. If Rome had medicines to cure the plague there's still a slim possibility of Rome surviving.

Another issue that Rome had was the invasion of the Huns and Germanics which lead to the annihilation of Rome. The Germanic's with there strong army and with the help of the Huns demolished Rome. The Germanic empire was lead by Odoacer and Attila lead the Huns. The attack from the Huns did damage to Rome but was unsuccessful and leader Attila died in battle but the attack from the Germanic was and took over most of Rome. The Germanic emperor soon died later after taking over Rome. Rome might be already weak from plague acquired from the Huns or Germanic, making them even weaker.

An excellent society needs an excellent government. Rome has gotten larger and larger through the years and starting to lose control of its citizens. Even Rome expansion from land acquired from the defeat of the Etruscans couldn't control or organize the Roman citizens. The large city-state is now packed with people and its getting to hard to govern. Rome should have stopped the amount of people becoming citizens to Rome. Now Rome had to build new places and made the slave from the opposing team build these locations.

Many problems took place in Rome. Rome could not have stopped it, there were too many. Those problems were so strong



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