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The Review Of Forrest Gump Movie

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Essay Preview: The Review Of Forrest Gump Movie

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Forrest Gump, directed by Robert Zemeckis is a six Academy Awards winner (1995) love-or-hate story of a journey through life of a simple man. Gump (Tom Hanks), continually finds himself in the middle of important events from the late 50's through the 70's including a meeting with Elvis Presley, JFK and Richard Nixon. Without effort of his own he is a witness of almost all major historical moments in the United Stated, however he takes part in them without understanding what he does and sees. It is worth noticing that Gump is not an ordinary character. He is a young Alabaman of slight intelligence who lives by the rules that was drilled into him by his mama (Sally Field). Even though Forrest has an IQ of only 75 and his early life was obstruct by legs handicap, his sense of self, grown by mother, couldn't be any bigger.

His mother's wisdom, straightforwardness and luck leads him to become a world-class runner, champion football, ping-pong player and owner of business that turns out to be very successful. The weak point in this life of ultimate happiness is love of Forest's life Ð'- Jenny Curran (Robin Wright). Abused by her father as a child, Jenny seems to be in constant torment and in search of her place in life: from being a hippie and a folk singer to a stripper and political activist. In spite of Jenny's behavior, Gump loves her, because in fact he loves everybody. His shortsightedness and naivety surprisingly didn't do him any harm, on the contrary, all the bad events, like death of Jenny, are easily explain in mothers words "Mama said you've got to put the past behind you".

But there is a sense in making Forrest do silly acts or quote mama's words of wisdom, that are true only on the lowest logical level. Zemeckis tries to play on the sentimental tune, mixing a comedy with a drama. The goal to make a funny film which touches in the real way at the same time wasn't archive at the end. In this movie laughs come easily, but not everyone will give a damn to dig deeper, beneath the surface of not very subtle sense of humor. Somehow the noble foundings of this movie like the importance of value raised from home, got lost. Of course, it's still there, but it's easier to laugh on mama's quotes, then actually understand them.

For sure, Forrest Gump is an important movie. It's one of the early movies to showcase the possibilities of CGI (computer-generating images), demonstrating that it isn't just science-fiction films that benefit from advanced computer technology. From the feather that floats down from the sky to settle at Forrest's feet to the news footage of Forrest with presidents and other historical persons, Forrest Gump shows that a whole new kind of story can now be told - and instead of looking into the future, as many films using CGI do, Forrest Gump looks into the past. But what kind of past ? Many critics lift up voices that American history was shown in an alternative way, that the postwar period was presented without



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