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The Reformation Beginning

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The Reformation Beginning

Jan Hus was a leader of the protestant movement who challenged the catholic church. He was tried as a heretic in 1415 and burned at the stake. Johannes gutenberg developed the first mechanical printing press using the metal movable type. This revolutionized book publishing throughout europe. His first major printing sires was the bibles so common people could read it. This was a history changer.

Desiderius erasmus was a dutch scholar of the early 16th century. He believed in reforming the church from within. He published a new greek and latin version of the new testament. His own works were prohibited by the pope.

Martin luther was a german priest and he began the protestant reformation. He challenged pope leo the 10th support of the sale of indulgences to raise money for the church. An indulgence was a way that when someone sins they have to pay a lot of money to the church and that there sin will be forgiven. The corrupt leaders abused this and used them as fundraisers.

Luther wrote his objections to the scale of indulgences in a text called the ninety five theses. He posts these in the doors of the catholic church. He preached that salvation could only come through the grace of the God not from the deeds of men.Luther was charged with Heresy at the diet of worms. He was made an outlaw by emperor charles and excommunicated by the pope.his works were found by the lutheran church. He translated the entire bible to german.

John calvin was the founder of calvinism he broke of from the catholic church and began contributing to the protestant reform in switzerland.

The vulgate bible was a latin version translated by saint jerome. William tyndale translated the new testament to english. He was condemned to death for heresy. He was strangled to death while teid



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