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The Prophets Indicator for Spiritual Maturity

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Essay Preview: The Prophets Indicator for Spiritual Maturity

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The Prophets Indicator for Spiritual Maturity.

By Simiso F. Mkhonta

Simiso Mkhonta is a member of the Free Evangelical Assemblies and senior economist at the Central bank of Swaziland Economic Policy, Research and Statistics Department, Policy Research and Macroeconomic Analysis Division and resides at Fairview North Umbeluzi Street Plot 992


A mathematical derivation of the level of consciousness found that the level of spiritual consciousness (SC) of a Christian depend on the current year, their age and the years past the anointing year. The further one is before the year of anointing the less level of spiritual consciousness and the further past the year of anointing the greater is the level of spiritual consciousness. The current year acts as a common support to all Christians’ spiritual consciousness. The scenario analysis brings forth the significance in the years past anointing. The demonstration of a scenario where SC comes out negative changes the explanation of the outcome to more suites an indicator where now a high positive figure reflects high spiritual consciousness and high negative figure reflects low spiritual consciousness because of the premise that a negative spiritual consciousness cannot exist among Christians.  

The ideas expressed in this paper should not be reported as representing the views of the Free Evangelical Assemblies and the Central Bank of Swaziland. The views expressed in this paper are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Free Evangelical Assemblies and Central Bank Policy


1.        Introduction

Age is important in spiritual growth as seen in the bible in the story of Moses that God set him to lead the children of Israel at the age of 40 (Acts 7 verse 3) and God was therefore training Moses all these years and likewise Joshua who was under the command of Moses all these years took leadership in Joshua 1.

Spiritual consciousness is perennial therefore:

Spiritual consciousness              Defining Spiritual act            Spiritual consciousness

2.        Theory.

The premises of the theory is that  a defining spiritual act that is still to happen influences your spiritual consciousness today and the closer you get to the defining spiritual act the higher is your spiritual growth thus the parameter of the distance from the defining spiritual act should also grows with time hence the formulation of equation 2.

3.        Mathematical Derivation Analysis.

The theory Postulates thus;

As one grow older their spiritual consciousness increases with age and the distance from the year of anointing.  

SCt =  ß1 (t-b) + ß2(t-n) ----------------- (1) ***

The ß parameters are attached purposefully to ultimately enable the attachment of the power of time in determining the level of spiritual consciousness which is the current year across every individual. Therefore the ß can be expressed as a function of time in order to express the significance of time in the level of one’s spiritual consciousness. Where SC is the level of spiritual consciousness; b is the year of birth; t is the current year, n is the year of anointing…Amen Glory be to the God of Israel.

ß1=øt------------------------------------ (2)

ß2=αt----------------------------------- (3)

By so expressing the ß and substituting equation (1) into equations (2) and (3) one yields an equation that shows the significance of time in one’s level of spiritual consciousness as:

SCt = øt(b-t) + αt(n-t) -------------- (4)

The terms in brackets are then collapsed to

a= (t-b) ------------4(i)


p= (t-n)-------------4(ii) 

where a is then age and p is years past anointing, assuming negative prior to anointing and positive post anointing.  We finally have:

 SCt = øta + αtp----------------------- (5)

Factoring out t

SCt = t(øa+αp)----------------------(6)

Therefore SC at time t is equals to product of the current year and sum of age and past anointing years. The parameters ø and α can be dropped for the sole purpose that they cannot be estimated to arrive at THE final equation (7) which can be written as:

SCt = t(a+p) ---------------------- (7)*******

4.        Empirical Analysis  

Scenario 1:

Tim a brother Devout brother in Christ was born in 1980 and met and received the Holy Spirit in 1999 therefore his spiritual consciousness is age from equation 4(i) equals t-b;

 a=2014-1980=34 years

The years past anointing are from equation 4(ii) t-n;

p=2014-1999=15 years

SC2014 = 2014(34+15)

SC2014 = 98686

If the past anointing years are reduced that is pushing the year of anointing further to 2000 the p=2014-2000=4; 2014*(34+4) =60420.

Scenario 2:

Tom a brother in Christ was also born in 1980 and is still to receive the Holy Spirit in 2018 then his level of spiritual consciousness is expected to be



SC2014 = 2014(34-4)

 SC2014 = 60420

Therefore Tim is expected to be more spiritually conscious than Tom because Tom has still not past his anointing year.  



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