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The Procedural Steps Of The Criminal Justice System

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Essay Preview: The Procedural Steps Of The Criminal Justice System

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Lynnotta Kennedy

January 12, 2008

Week 9 Final Project

Com 150 Effective Essay Writing

“Languages in the United States”

English should be the only language used in the, because the majority of business and government is conducted in English. English is the language is the most spoken in the United States, because there is no official language. The diversity of English is also known as American English. English is originated in England which is a West Germanic language. English is also inherited from British colonization. English is the first language spoken for most people in seven different continents.

The United States has no official language because there are a numbers of other languages used here. In the United States English is the most well-known language. People from Spain and France come here to migrate and make a living. So, that makes in the Unites States, Spanish and French languages also used. Everyone who is from or lives in the United States does not speak English.

English is relating to, or characteristic of England people or its culture. English should be made the only language used in the United States because more than half the United States speaks English. English is also the foundation of America. English is referred to in the United States as just English but it is known as “American English”.

The majority of business and government is written and conducted in English. There are languages learned and taught in the United States in school and private places. Sometimes he, she, it, and they even have to compensate to learn other languages. In the United States, other languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and French are used. Eight-two percent of the United States speaks English, so that only leaves XVIII percent of other languages used in the United States. With that small amount of percentage of other languages spoken in the United States it should be made English only in the United States.

English is the language of business, chance, and independency around the world. A country’s language was thought to be the substance of national culture. Language is the capital organizing fundamental of states. English was established before the countryвЂ?s name. English means “the land of the Engle” that is the Angles. The Angles, Saxons, and Jutes were the three Germanic tribes who emigrated from what is now Denmark and northern Germany. English is spoken by 470 million people all over the world. English is divided into three types; Old English, Middle English, and Modern English. English is known that the pronunciation of English has changed penalty since the 15th century.

The diverse of English spoken in the United States as apprehended to be American English. American English is a set of argot used mostly by Americans. “The Senior” language of the United States should be called to English. English is the largest and most common used language of America.

Spanish is the second language used by the United States articulate by people from Spain and Mexico who live here. Spanish is also called a “Romance Language”. Spanish is spoken XI in the United States.

Chinese is the third language used by the United States. Chinese is also called “Chinese American language”. Chinese is spoken seven percent in the United States.

There are multiple of states that have English as there “official language”. They passed the “English Only” law. Those states are as follow; Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, California, North Dakota, south Dakota, Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Montana.

There are many types of languages used in the United States other than spoken language. The number one language used other than oral language is sign language. Sign language which is dialect which applies to entity of other body movement, manual, and facial, as different communications. Sign language is the fourth most commonly used language in the United States. Sign Language is also known as a manner of communication which is used for deaf people. Programming language which is a manmade language applied to publish knowledge that can be rephrased into machine (such as a computer) language and then carried out by a computer. Sign language came from French Sign Language. Sign Language is built on the concept where sight is the handiest tool has to communicate. Some states in the United States have set sing language as a foreign language. There are different types of sign languages all over the world just as there are different types of spoken languages. Languages are used more for deaf people (people that cannot hear). LXXX percent of the United States uses sign language.

Frisian language is the closest living language related to English. Frisian Language is an official language in the Dutch province of Friesland. Frisian Language is also a Germanic language related to Dutch. A Frisian language is a Germanic language which is closely related to English. Frisian language is spoken mostly in the Friesland and in the Netherlands. Frisian is also known as Frysk and Fries. Frisian language is the executive dialect of the Netherlands. More than seven-hundred thousand people speak this language.

Programming languages is used to



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