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The Patriot

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The Patriot is a historical drama focused on the American Revolution. Mel Gibson plays Benjamin Martin, a widower with seven children. He was a legendary war veteran but since the death of his wife, Benjamin has renounced violence and quietly tends his crops, raising his seven children alone. In 1776, over Benjamin's objections, his oldest son Gabriel joins the fight against the British. Gabriel returns from battle seriously wounded, with Lord General Cornwallis calling for his arrest. He wants to live a peaceful life but he picks up his sword again when the British march through his hometown and kill members of the local militia who are fighting for freedom.

He was enraged when the British killed one of his sons, one takes away his oldest son and he salvages all the weapons from his house, takes two of his surviving sons, and tracks down the British squad responsible for the carnage. While he has his two kids lay down cover fire for him, he sneaks up on the soldiers and slaughters them all one by one. His children are horrified as their normally loving and kindly father becomes a killing machine.

Benjamin Martin is an extraordinary fighter, he and his son, Gabriel, fight together to get their most sought-after freedom back. They join up with the army and leave the younger children with their aunt Charlotte, the sister of Benjamin’s deceased wife.

Benjamin quickly realises that the poorly trained colonials are no match for the British who had more men and ammunition. It is no wonder he is dubbed �the ghost’ due to his excellent strategies and killing methods. They quickly form a militia designed to keep British General Cornwallis in the south until the French navy arrives with 10,000 soldiers as re-enforcements. Gabriel falls deeply in love with Ann and they get married. They stay blissfully happy for a short period of time, but all too fast, Gabriel is yanked back to fight with the army. The British at this time herd all the townspeople, including Ann and her family, to the church. After tricking them to reveal secrets about where the Americans received their supplies, set fire to the church and burn everyone to death. The orders for this horrific act came from Tavington, the cold, heartless villain of the movie.

After a furious Gabriel discovers what has happened, he and a small group of men ride to engage the Dragoons. During the fight, many men on both sides are killed, leaving Gabriel and the Reverend to face off against Tavington. A few others escape with major wounds. The Reverend is shot, but throws his loaded musket to Gabriel, who shoots Tavington, who promptly falls to the ground. However, as Gabriel approaches Tavington's body, he quickly turns around and stabs him with his saber. As Tavington escapes, Benjamin approaches the scene in time to find Gabriel dying on the ground. The pain when Benjamin lost 2 of his sons was almost too much to bear. It really brought across the point of pain that happens during war, how by taking away one’s person’s life, how many other people will be affected. How many other people will feel the pain of losing a loved one, how many people who have sleepless nights worrying about the people on the battlefield.

In the final battle, Benjamin, with the help of Col. Harry Burwell and Villeneuve defeat the British. Soon Benjamin and Tavington are able to face off, one on one. As Tavington gains the upper hand in their vicious fight, and Benjamin is staring into the distance, Tavington mutters, "Kill me before the war is over, will you? It appears, you are not the better man." As he swings his sword ready to kill Benjamin, Ben stabs him with a bayonet-fitted musket, picks up a detached bayonet and replies,



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