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The Optimistic Orange

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Why Drugs Are Bad

Rachel Pulley

A lot of people don’t think about what could happen when they take a “hit”. Plenty, of terrible things could happen, and people rather be cool than to live their lives. It’s very easy to get addicted to drugs, so before you try drugs think how this will affect your life, why do other people do it, and think about the percentages of deaths that are caused because of this.

If you think about trying drugs, just think about how your life will change in a matter of seconds. Once you go home your parents will most likely smell the drug on you, and they won’t be too happy. Plus, you’re putting your life in severe danger. I know you think, what are the odds of me dying once I try this? Well, everyone is different but some people have tried drugs for the first time, and instantly died. Do you want that to be you? Also, drugs in today’s society are so strong that you most likely will become immediately addicted. Which, will cause your grades to go down, and if you want to get in a good college and you want a good job I don’t recommend drugs. On the other hand think about your friends. You will lose them because they don’t want to be surrounded by something like that. So, before you do drugs think about all these things.

Why do people do drugs? Some are peer pressured into doing drugs. Or they are even threatened. They probably wouldn’t have been threatened if they weren’t hanging out with those kind of people. Also, once someone tries a drug it might’ve been because they were bored, a part of their brain has been triggered that says I like this which makes them become addicted. And even if you are mad at your parents or your parents are strict, and you want to go against them don’t do it. Everyday a kid is peer pressured into doing drugs. That one kid could be you. Do you want to be the kid that is known for drugs, or do you want to be the one kid that says there’s no way I’m doing this. Think about it.



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