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The Odyssey

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The Odyssey

#1 Ulysses was a hero because he was a strong and mighty man who overcame great obstacles and returned home victorious. He was strong when he won and his people won against the battle of Troy. He was also strong when he was with his men traveling around trying to find home. He was mighty with his men side by side helping out with where they were and getting food. He overcame his obstacles when he landed on islands and when he had to sacrifice the lamb to find his way home. He also put his life on the line for his men. He was victorious when he tried to blind the Cyclopes and tried getting through the Island of the Dead he had a hard time getting through that place. In other words he was a hero and overcame many obstacles while trying to find his way home.

#4 (Telemachus to Odysseus) Hey dad since you left the Battle of Troy every one has returned and why haven't you? Now the suitors are trying to marry Mom for her money and not for the royalty. The suitors said that you didn't come home which means you're probably dead. They are fighting with themselves and trying really hard to get Mom to marry one of them. Mom said when she gets done weaving she will choose her new husband. But before she goes to bed, she unweaves it and did it over the next day. Today the suitors found out about the weaving project and they threw it in to the fire so she found a way of stalling them till you return home. Speaking of which, when are you getting home any way? Hope to see you when you get back.


Odysseus faced the Cyclopes, the giants, the Sirens, Circes, Scylla and Charybdis and Calypso. When they faced the Cyclopes they poked his eye so the Cyclopes couldn't see, then they could escape the cave alive. The land of the giants was one of the hardest islands to overcome. Because he sent people up what he



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