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The Odyssey by Homer

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The Odyssey

The Odyssey written by Homer is a poem describing the trials and tribulations of Odysseus as he tries to get home after his victory in the Trojan War. It all begins with a narrator explaining what Odysseus endured to get home. Ten years after the war Odysseus is far from home and he wants to get back to his beautiful wife and son. Odysseus is considered a hero and great leader for his land in Ithaca. He and his men have been stuck away from home and his family believes him to be dead. Throughout the poem Homer shows the many obstacles that have to be overcome to get what and where you want and the courage and ability to strategize needed to succeed.

The first obstacle Odysseus encountered was to be stuck on an island as a prisoner and lover for Calypso. Odysseus was stuck there for eight years. Athena, a god, helps Odysseus to escape but he is only given a small raft and he receives a gift a small breeze to move him closer to his destination. But one of his enemies sees him and brings about a big storm and once again Odysseus is put into turmoil and fears for his life. After Athena calms the winds Odysseus swims for several days until he reaches shore.

Once Odysseus reaches shore his endangerment is still not over, the rocks and shore line are sharp and the water is very cold. He risks the sharp rocks and climbs ashore and falls asleep in a dryer area. He is found by ladies who have come to the shore to wash clothes and uses his quick decision making to be able to come onto the island and join NausicaƤ at her house for food, clothing and shelter while never letting them know who he is.

Through story telling the reader finds other obstacles that were encountered. He uses strategy to avoid islands with Lotus Eaters. He knows if they land there the Lotus Eaters will be tempt them to stay with the drugs and pleasures. Odysseus knows that what they have at home is much better. The story also graphical portrays how Odysseus created a tool to blind Polyphemus and how he and his crew worked together to succeed. After escaping from Polyphemus Odysseus and his crew receive a bag of wind to help them sail away. As they get close to home the crew becomes too greedy and opens the bag of winds and their ship is now caught in worse winds and they fall off of course and are



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