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The Northanger Abbey

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The Northanger Abbey (2007) adaptation was not faithful to the plot of the novel. The film adaptation has undergone a series of compression and rearrangements, moving from a comprehensive conversation to a more summarized topic on the screen to incorporate the traditional outline of a two-hour film. In addition, screenwriters experience a process of reinvention to purposely enhance relatability of the audience by amending the certain translations in the plot. As Perkaki (2017) notes that an adaptation serves as a “director’s commentary” that incorporates not only how the director interprets the novel as it is adapted on screen, but also incorporates changes in the plot that is influenced by various “economic considerations” in order to choose an appropriate alteration (p. 259). In reference to the Northanger Abbey (2007) film completely adheres to these “economic considerations” as it adapts significant elements from modern entertainment into the plot to adapt to conventions of the new generation. Furthermore, the translation also conveys social considerations that holds significant impact to the directors.

On the other hand, the replacement of visual representation in the film narrative results to create a visually appealing scene to recuperate for the loss of words. Aside from the necessity to construct a visually appealing movie to increase multi-viewing, the main obligation of the scriptwriter is to coincide with the readers' visual interpretation of the book as it was translated on screen. (Brian McFarlane's, 1996, p. 8). Both works still communicate with similar themes about love and maturity. After watching the film multiple times, I am impressed



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