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The New England And The Chesapeake Region

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Essay Preview: The New England And The Chesapeake Region

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Although the Chesapeake (Virginia) and New England (Massachusetts Bay) regions were both settled largely by the people of English origin by 1700, the regions had involved into two distinct societies. They both had their own lifestyles, which resulted in some similarities and differences. Some differences of both these regions include their religious beliefs or economic lifestyles, but a similarity would include both regions have a battle going on with the Native Americans. The reason for this development is basically based on how the people who chose to live in the two areas have different ideas and beliefs and how they manage to settle it.

The New England region was the home of religious separatists while the Chesapeake region had no religious cause. As a result New England was more of a religious region than the Chesapeake. The immigrants moving to New England created large families and religious communities in the region. They have a high rate of birth. New England wanted the people to believe in Christianity and both Pilgrims & the Puritans were religious people. They were seeking for freedom of religion. They believed that every man is equal no one should do slavery. Economy of New England was very different from the economy of Chesapeake. New England was too busy dealing with religious problems they weren't economy that much. Despite the economic and religious differences, unlike Chesapeake, New England had cleaner water and a healthier environment. The air was fresh and clean in New England.

The Chesapeake region on the other hand is almost the exact opposite of New England. The Chesapeake area didn't care a lot about religion, but they did care about money. While New England tried to stop slavery, the Chesapeake strongly believed in slavery to get their work done out on the fields. Tobacco was the number one crop that was seen everywhere made people wealthier. It was seen on every plantation. They depended on their slaves to



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